Expanding our network in Liberia

Photo credit: Kyle Weaver

Photo credit: Kyle Weaver

We're proud to announce that the Ministry of Education has invited Rising Academies to significantly expand its school network in Liberia. From September 2017, Rising Academies will be operating 29 government schools across 7 counties.

The move comes as part of an expansion of the Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL) program. To learn more about PSL, click here. The Ministry’s decision to award Rising more schools in the second year of PSL followed an in-depth review and screening process, including unannounced spot checks of PSL schools. Rising Academies was one of three providers to be awarded the top “A” rating for its strong performance in Year 1.

We're really proud of the progress our schools have made this year. If you want to learn more about how we've been rigorously tracking this progress and using data to inform our approach, check out our interim progress report here.

Our press release on the announcement of the Ministry's Year 2 plans is available here.