Our mission is to create schools that open doors and change lives.

We expect every student to leave Rising ready for further study, for a good job, and to become a role model in society.

Founded in Sierra Leone in 2014, we provided emergency education to children kept out of school by the Ebola Epidemic before opening our first school in April 2015.

Today, we run 29 government schools in rural Liberia under the LEAP (formerly the Partnership Schools for Liberia) initiative, and 10 schools in Sierra Leone serving families looking for a high quality education at an affordable cost. 


The World Bank calls it The Global Learning Crisis.

There are still too many children out of school, especially in countries affected by conflict and humanitarian emergencies.

But for the first time in history, most non-learners are actually to be found in school. Every day, thousands of children all over the world make their way to classrooms where they fail to learn anything because the quality of the education they receive is so poor.

It has to change.


Many more children are in school.

According to the World Bank, 100 million more children in Africa were enrolled in primary school in 2014 compared to 1984.

But too many are not learning.

In Sierra Leone and Liberia, 95% of young adult women who have completed primary school still can't read a simple sentence.


Our innovative model delivers consistently high quality at low cost. Independent studies show that Rising students learn nearly as much in one year of schooling as students in comparable schools learn in three.

rising values

We put shared values at the heart of our schools. We are not academically selective because we believe in the potential of every student.

great content

We put engaging lesson plans in the hands of every teacher, and high quality learning materials in the hands of every student.


Our powerful pre-service training equips teachers with proven strategies for delivering great lessons. A skilled Master Teacher in every school helps teachers learn and improve through lesson observation, feedback and coaching.


We monitor schools closely through regular spot-checks, student assessment, technology-enabled data analytics, and rigorous impact evaluation.

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Sierra Leone

10 accessible, high quality private schools in Freetown and the Western Area

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29 inspiring public schools across 7 counties under the Partnership Schools for Liberia initiative