We believe in widening access to quality education.


The Challenge

1. Africa's school-age population is booming.

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2. More children are in school - but not learning.

3. In Sierra Leone and Liberia, the challenge is acute.

"The majority of pupils in Sierra Leone are not learning how to read in schools."

- UNICEF, 2014

Only 17% of Grade 3 students in Liberia achieve benchmark standards for reading fluency.

- RTI International, 2015

Why rising is different



  • Hand-picked teachers
  • Rigorous training
  • Detailed teaching plans for every lesson
  • Strong focus on reading and maths as foundations for learning


  • Student attendance, behaviour and learning all tracked in our School Information System
  • Parents receive regular feedback on progress
  • Zero tolerance of teacher misconduct
  • Rigorous independent evaluation


  • No selection by ability
  • Girls make up more than 50% of enrolled students
  • In Sierra Leone, our simple, inclusive fees are kept as low as possible, and up to 1 in 4 students receive scholarships
  • In Liberia, our schools are completely free to attend


  • Whole-child, character-building education
  • Teamwork and leadership encouraged
  • Build confidence in public speaking and communication skills

What We've Achieved

  • We have grown rapidly from 1 school and 80 students to 8 schools and 1300 students.
  • We also operate 5 public schools in Liberia as part of Partnership Schools for Liberia
  • We didn't let Ebola get in the way of our mission to provide great education. When schools were closed during the epidemic, our teachers provided daily Ebola prevention and literacy classes.
  • Although we are a new organisation, initial results show that our students are making strong progress in reading, writing and maths, at a significantly faster rate than their peers in government schools or other private schools.
  • To make sure we are delivering great results, we are committed to rigorous, transparent, independent evaluation. In Sierra Leone, we are working with Oxford University to monitor our performance and see how well our students are doing compared to students in other schools. In Liberia, we are part of a 'gold standard' randomised controlled trial.
  • We pride ourselves on our commitment to gender equality. More than half of our students are girls.

Three Rising girls talk about their growing confidence when it comes to communication and public speaking.

What We Stand For

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Sierra Leone

10 accessible, high quality private schools in Freetown and the Western Area

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29 inspiring public schools across 7 counties under the Partnership Schools for Liberia initiative

Our Partners